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Install the iOS API client


  • Add a dependency on InstantSearchClient:
    • CocoaPods: add pod 'InstantSearchClient', '~> 6.0' to your Podfile for Swift 4.2
    • CocoaPods: add pod 'InstantSearchClient', '~> 5.0' to your Podfile for Swift 4.1
    • Carthage: add github "algolia/algoliasearch-client-swift" ~> 6.0.0 to your Cartfile for Swift 4.2
    • Carthage: add github "algolia/algoliasearch-client-swift" ~> 5.0.0 to your Cartfile for Swift 4.1
  • Add import InstantSearchClient to your source files

Supported platforms

The API client is supported on iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. You can use it from both Swift and Objective-C.

Language-specific notes

You can browse the automatically generated reference documentation.


If you were using version 2.x of our Swift client, read the migration guide to version 3.x.